Saturday, January 31, 2015

Failure is the mum of Success

With Chinese New Year round the corner the urge to bake brought me back to this blog. To be honest i made a failed attempt of the pineapple tarts. I still have half the batter left in the fridge and i have no idea what to do with it.
Back to blogging the first post should be dedicated to powerful reviews and what not. Yet im just updating this frm my mobile on a lazy sunday.
The only recent happening thing that happened was my europe trip in dec 2014. Anyone keen? Facebook has been forceful in posting articles with astounding titles to attract the attention of many. Ive personally read things like how to explore Eaatern Europe with less than $5,000. Would my article make it big as well? $3,500 to travel London, Amsterdam and Paris? All inclusive. Yes. I mean inclusive of shopping. Primark was like god sent.
I guess a good day would get me into publishing. But in the mean time i have to go mull over what to do to that batter of mine.
Just a photo of me soaking in the winter atmosphere before bearing with hot Singapore.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Gobi cakes

Feeling like a tai tai?
Head down to the rich people place and act like one.

Gobi located at joo chiat is a good choice for those who are interested to act atas. With so many creations, how to choose? Stay calm and keep that atas face. Act like u are scrutinizing the menu. Then order like a pro with ang moh slang. Use your DIY manicured bloody red OPI nails to point.

Some daily specials and tea set available on weekdays. Truely for the tai tais only.

Chic and simple interiors.

Even teapot also must atas ok. Next time i sell AA ones. Sure earn money.

Black forest torte

Haha, how to pronounce this?
Don't pronounce "tor teh" but "tort".
It refers to a rich cake made from very little flour. Usually multi layered.

Gobi has it so perfectly blended.
Cherries are soaked in alcohol and you have them whole.
Vanilla ice cream is smooth and gives a creamy after taste that isnt overwhelming.
Strawberries are huge and fresh.

Creme brulee.
Read "cream brew lay"
Soft smooth, better than tauhuey.
Slightly charred and rich in caramel taste.
The chocolate sauce complements and brings out the caramel milky taste.
It slides down your throat so fast that you can hardly notice that you have already gobbled it up.

Some nice flower tea to go along. The perfect tai tai.

Can i change the tag to tai tai note instead?

Auntie aka tai tai note: Not cheap but definitely for the quality. Cakes are almost perfect. I wouldn't mind going there regularly when i am truely a tai tai.

Gobi Cakes
350 Joo Chiat Rd Singapore 427598
6345 2127

Chin Lee Restaurant

Its mother's day and mummy's bday!
Back to Chin Lee for nom nom session.

Each time chin lee never fails to deliver food of good quality and standard.

This time round mum and dad can also try this legendary mr frozen crab. Roe-filled shells and yummylicious firm yet juicy meat.

Prawn fritters are also of some standard. Definitely not minced fatty pork. The mixture of prawns and pork is of a great balance, creating fritters of complex texture and taste. The blend of meat and prawns brought out the seafood freshness and distinct pork taste. Did i forget the crispy outer skin?

Homemade tofu with meat sauce. Smooth tofu covered with minced meat. This homely dish goes well with the rice and made everyone hungry. The ginger were fried till crispy and went extremely well with the sauce.

Chestnut chicken was one of the not so significant dish for the night. Even though it was good it didn't wow us. The chicken was tender and soft, with meat falling off the bones easily. Just 1 complain - the chestnut taste was not infused into the dish. The sauce and chicken had different identities.

Fried hor fun was good. Not too dry, not too oily. The kuey teow had the wok hei taste. Perfect for the teochew palette as there is superb cai pou added. Slightly charred with a tinge of burnt taste. If you dislike burnt food taste don't try this.

A good neighbourhood restaurant for the family. If not looking for something too fanciful, this is definitely worth a trip. Other than the crab, the rest of the dishes are reasonably priced. Comparable to hawker tzi char. With a higher budget try mr frozen crab! approx $50 for 1, shared by 2-3 people.

Auntie note: Call ahead for a table indoors and also to reserve crabs. walk-ins on weekends would require some waiting time.

Blk 115 Bedok North Road,
#01-285 Singapore
Tel: +65 6449 5454

Strictly not worth a visit

Have been consuming my calories lately due to the ageing syndrome.
But with less carbs added, junk food didnt appear less frequent.
Weekend nights are filled with girly laughters and late night shows.
I'm blogging at work on the first day.
Could it then be a good start?

Anyway. Just going to review this over rated place to warn you people not to waste your hard earned money there.

Strictly pancakes.
Over rated place.

Pancakes are just comparable to macdonald's.
Selection of pancakes is limited considering this restaurant specialising in pancakes.


Dry asparagus
Not very sweet onion sauce
Chicken nothing special. Aston does a better job.


overly buttery. The pancakes wonderfully soaked up all the sauce you feel like you are munching on a piece of butter. Definitely expected more from $14.

There is a choice of butter to choose from. Something which i guess made my visit less terrible.
Garlic and herb butter was fragrant and went well with the pancakes.
Rum and raisin on the other hand was not significantly flavoured. There are traces of raisins but that's about it.

Its definitely not worth going back to the place. Tell me this is a place for sweet pancakes? Neighbours around aren't able to stomach them either. Perhaps the youngsters would like this chill out place. The sweet pancakes will be good to go around the table but not as a meal.

Auntie note: service charge, waiting time of 45 mins. cramped tables. i'm sorry.


Strictly Pancakes44A Prinsep Street, Singapore 188674
6333 4202

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Poison Apples

Still searching for the perfect gift?
Perhaps the best gift can be simple

Simple love for simple food presents Poison Apples.
Surprise your love with some fairy cakes this Valentine’s Day.
Be revived by love’s first kiss with these mouthwatering cupcakes.

Poison Apple presents:
• Red velvet cupcake
• Lemon butter cupcake
• Dark chocolate cupcake
With either cream cheese or chocolate frosting. ...

$15 for 6 cups or $28 for 12 cups.
Call 9325-5842 / 9738-7007 to order and collect from 11 to 14 Feb 2012.
Pickup and delivery options available

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Just Acia

Stranded in the East of Singapore not knowing where to eat?

Just Acia may not be the best but it is definitely value for money.

Simply get a set meal and you get to enjoy free flow drinks and ice cream!

Make your own root beer float and hot chocolate to drink all night long.

First set is Korean stir fry chicken with rice.

huge plate of chicken, with some kimchi by the side. served steaming hot. not so much on quality but quantity.

See, effort put in. Sesame seeds. :)

Yummy hot chocolate with foam some more.....

Breaded prawns by the side. cheap and good. not coated with thick batter but light and crispy bread crumbs.

not as impressive as compared to the rest. tom yam was not authentic in taste. dont even taste like maggi tom yam. ingredients were generous but simply just dump and cook. not recommended.

crispy seafood rolls. as the name suggest. crispy. the seafood filling was succulent, not too dry, not too salty with some 'real flesh' texture.

soft shell crab was slightly softer i guess due to the size of the crab. slightly too big to be deep fried. but overall the taste was up to standard. better than some of the budget japanese restaurants.

total bill :)

Auntie note: cheap food, free flow drinks and ice cream. be very hungry so that you can eat the ice cream after the meal.

1 Pasir Ris Close #01-40
Downtown East Singapore

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Thai Table

was reading a food blog yesterday and felt really guilty.
the blogger even though with not so good quality pictures, short description and some weird stories manage to capture my attention with reviews on rare eateries. some interesting places in chinatown that i am so eager to try out now.

thai food for bday for me this year.
Tom Yam soup for me and boy. the soup was on the spicy side, not too sour. it was quite worth the money given the amount of ingredients (sorry not reflected well in this pic). placed over a flame to ensure that there is hot soup throughout the dinner.

Thai Fish Cake
was just ok. i think slightly dry, not to my liking. the coconut milk on top smelled rather heavy and didnt complement the fish cakes well.

minced chicken with basil leaves wasnt to my liking too. slightly milky, onions made it taste overly sweet. this dish supposedly goes well with rice, but too sweet to go along.

Baby Kailan was good. with golden garlic sprinkled on top. effort made to enhance the appeal of vegetables. if you have kids, there's mushrooms as well.

Vermicelli was perfect. the wok taste was nice and fragrant enhanced by the huge variety of ingredients. the vermicelli was not too soft, QQness was still preserved. especially like the black fungus adding to the colour.

Fish on the other hand was good but lost to competitor NAKHON. fish was smaller, less meaty. the sauce was too watery to coat the fish whenever you take it up. however fish was fresh and fried to the right crispiness.

Auntie note: quite value for money, free parking but hard to find a slot. staff is friendly and place is not packed to the brim. good for couples dating.

Overall, thai table was good. call up earlier for sri lanka crabs for low low price. will come back again if i had no idea what to eat i guess.

20 Jalan Pari Burong

Singapore 488686

Daily 1130-3 and 530-10